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Quantum Vantage

Quantum Vantage

Members offer:
20% Off Personal Transformation Coaching
20% Off In-Company Bespoke Programmes
10% Off Visionary Women The Awakening Programme
10% Off Spearhead Programme

Quantum Vantage are leading business and professional transformation experts. With over 150 years combined experience our award-winning team offer expert advice, coaching and tailored transformational programmes for forward thinking individuals wanting to make a significant life or business change.

Helping businesses and individuals make the fundamental changes necessary to help manage continuous changes within their market environment.  Our ASPIRE © Model takes you on a journey that enables you to understand key touch points to achieve transformational results.

Tailored specifically to your requirements, whether to build bigger and better success,  to co-create new ways of working or to reach a wider market, our inspirational programmes and step by step process (led by our Subject Matter Experts) will give you all the guidance you need to achieve your aspirations.

Other Member Offers:

Revitalise, Supercharge and Accelerate your Career or Business

1. Visionary Women Programme  

This unique 3 day programme (over 2 months) is aimed at women who are ready to grab the bull by the horns, who want to redraw their life map and initiate change.  Working together we will create a blueprint, map out your journey and help you to unravel what you truly want to do, both professionally and personally. The programme offers a unique opportunity to attend our fabulous retreat in a beautiful rural setting on the edge of York.  If you’re ready to uncover your Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) don’t wait another moment.
What You Get!  3 participative days over 2 months – transformational leadership and life mapping on how to discover and implement plans to a new career, new you and/or to achieve your vision: (VALUE £2,995 + VAT) She Loves York members £1495 + VAT

Call us on 0330 223 0379 Or email us on hello@quantumvantage.co.uk  to take advantage of this special offer

  2. Personal Transformational Coaching (PTC)

Did you know that PTC can produce 7x the ROI of your initial investment!  If you have a desire for a better business or career then our one to one coaching opportunity is for you.  Our Coaches have helped 1000s of people change their career and business lives (forever).  After a 20 minute introductory session you will be matched with your own personal transformational coach to help you get to where YOU want to be!
What You Get! 3 transformational coaching sessions over a period of 3 months to build the business and career of your dreams:
Unlimited Access To Our ASPIRE Model Online With All The Materials YOU Need To Deliver YOUR BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)
(VALUE £1,995 + VAT) She loves York Members £1495 + Vat

Contact Details

T: 0330 223 0379
E: hello@quantumvantage.co.uk
W: www.quantumvantage.co.uk


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