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Members offer: 10% discount, can be used online or at an exhibition/event

SyndicArt occupies a unique position within the art market. Founded in 2013, our aim has been to collect, exhibit and sell artwork which focuses on the theme of music and musicians. Original art and limited prints from legends such as Bob Dylan, Ronnie Wood, John Lennon and Andy Warhol form the basis of SyndicArt’s portfolio.

The collection includes pieces which are now rare or hard to find. We also have a selection of art by up and coming artists which is in keeping with the music theme. To view the art we currently have for sale please see our website: www.syndicart.co.uk. There is the facility to purchase art from us online. We also hold regular exhibitions and events up and down the country where our art can be viewed and is available to buy. These events are widely advertised.

Interested in becoming part of an exclusive group of art enthusiasts? Then you might like to become a SyndicArt shareholder. In addition to having a stake in the growing portfolio, you also have the chance to become an active participant in all of SyndicArt’s activities, and can borrow artwork to display at home.

We also have our own unique SyndicArt Privilege Card which affords a number of significant benefits, most notably, assistance with selling valuable artwork that you already own. We can provide the outlets and opportunities to market your art on your behalf at minimal cost if you are a privilege card holder.

For more information about becoming a shareholder or a privilege card member, please see our website or contact one of our partners (see contact details below). To redeem your She Loves/He Loves 10% discount against any pieces of our art then please contact us prior to placing your order online.

Contact Details

Joe Davidson 07771 674111
Tom Frank 07540 146299

E: admin@syndicart.co.uk
W: www.syndicart.co.uk

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