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L’Atelier Natalia Willmott

natalia-willmott-logo_v4L’Atelier Natalia Willmott

Members offer: 10 % discount, can be used online or at exhibition

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L’Atelier Natalia Willmott is a unique place to find gifts, fashion accessories, items to add to your home or your collections – or to simply find inspiration.

Natalia mixes antiques, vintage and contemporary items to complement both modern and traditional styles to create a unique and special feel.

She specialises in creating bespoke looks by sourcing unusual, undiscovered and often unique arts and crafts. She finds her products from all over the world and supports fair trade and equitable commerce.

This is not a traditional shop carrying shelves full of identical products. Many of the items for sale are totally unique and there is nothing here that you will find on the high street.

You can either shop -online,  by coming to see one of Natalia’s exhibitions, or by arranging a chat with her at her home / workshop; she loves to meet new people who share her passion for good design, exceptional craftsmanship and traditional skills.

If you want to buy online please contact Natalia on contact@nataliawillmott.co.uk and she will send you a code to use online.

Contact Details

Natalia Willmott

L’Atelier Natalia Willmott

T: 07949240470
E: contact@nataliawillmott.co.uk
W: www.nataliawillmott.co.uk


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