Some Great Events for you to enjoy

There are some great events for you to enjoy in York this month.

Please keep an eye on the calendar on the website so you don’t miss out on special promotions.

We don’t always have chance to message you about them on the newsletter so it is worth checking the calendar in-between our newsletters.


It is the month for fairs!

We hope this is a sign of Spring finally being here!




We have some great new Partners joining us in May!

As soon as we have confirmation of their offers to you we will let you know!


Please remember to carry your card with you otherwise you will miss out on amazing offers throughout York.

Partners will be checking the expiry date so please so please check the date on your membership card!

If your Membership Card has expired and you would like to renew click the following link:


Our Partners have invested in the concept of She Loves York and WELCOME seeing the membership card.


Hope you enjoy all the offers and events available to you!


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