Some great events and offers for you!

We hope you had a fabulous bank holiday!

We are delighted to be advertising some summer events, especially now we have had a taste of summer at last!

Here are some things to enjoy that our Partners have asked us to share with you.


Kenzi UK have some great new dresses in for the summer!

Desigual & The Pretty Little Dress Company are perfect for the races, weddings and special occasions.


We were very happy to announce our new Partner Jane-Ann last week – a perfect match for the fashion Partners and events coming up.

Ladies this may be of interest to the men you know personally or in business.
Please circulate as he is really good and I know of several people who buy most of their shirts and suits from him.

Tailored Suits & Shirts
Bobby Garia of Lamoda Fashions (Bangkok)

Coming to York, Leeds & Harrogate:

14th May 2013

If interested please contact Ben Glynn at GPA Procurement
Mob: 07758 702105


“Bobby is good value and great quality, I have bought 8 shirts and 4 suits from him in the last year.
He always has a great selection of materials to choose from; I love the fact the shirts and suits are “one offs” and no one will have exactly the same as you!”
Roger Thorpe – Associate, Carter Jonas

“I’ve been using Bobby’s tailoring service for over two years now and have been extremely impressed with the quality, the cut, the value for money and quick turnaround of his hand made to measure shirts and suits.”

Will Brennand – Corporate Finance Manager, JWP Creers

“I met Bobby when I worked in Bangkok as an expat for deVere – all of the guys in the office used him for their suits/ shirts and I have never bought a shirt or suit from the High Street since.
Once you have a tailored shirt or suit you realise that the ones bought “off the peg” do not fit anywhere near as well.
They are less than half the price of UK tailored garments and for the same quality.”
Ben Glynn – Consultant, GPA Procurement


Please remember to carry your card with you otherwise you will miss out on amazing offers throughout York.

Partners will be checking the expiry date so please so please check the date on your membership card!

If your Membership Card has expired and you would like to renew click the following link:


Our Partners have invested in the concept of She Loves York and WELCOME seeing the membership card.


There will be a newsletter to follow later this week with some great events for you.

Hope you enjoy all the offers and events available to you!


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