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Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore

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Rachel Moore Social Media helps businesses learn how to use social media effectively to help increase their sales and profits. Rachel likes to think that she takes the ‘scare factor’ out of social media and does her best to simplify how it works.

Coming from an advertising and marketing background and being the co-owner of an agency in the pre-digital world herself, Rachel is familiar with traditional marketing methods as well as today’s online marketing methods.

Having set up her first online business back in 2008 Rachel fully understands the highs and lows of running your own business whilst trying to promote and market it all at the same time.

In fact it was as a result of her deciding to take her first business online that she realised how difficult it would be for businesses that had no marketing or indeed social media experience which was the inspiration for her setting up Rachel Moore Social Media.

Rachel is happy to train one-on-one, run live group workshops, train online or physically go into businesses. In fact she will work in whichever way suits you the best. She tries to keep her prices realistic and affordable so that everyone can benefit from quality, reliable and friendly training.

Not only does Rachel train on Social Media but she can also help those who don’t actually enjoy doing it themselves by running the show for them, whether it’s one platform or five, she’s happy to help and when she’s not busy doing all of that you’ll probably find her speaking about her favourite subject at an event!

Contact details:

Rachel Moore Social Media Training,
Management & Marketing
Kent Road

T: 01423 529 708
M: 07904 007 660
E: rachel@rachelmooresocialmedia.com
W: rachelmooresocialmedia.com

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