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Girl Tribe Gang

Girl Tribe Gang

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Girl Tribe Gang is a Female Networking Group for Women who have aspirations to one day work for themselves, women who are juggling the side hustle and are in the transition stage of ditching the 9-5, and women who have already taken the plunge.

Girl Tribe Gang was founded by Catherine Asta-Labbett in 2016.  From scratch, with her own imagination and her own passion. She invested £200 from her maternity leave pay, built a website, wrote the content, had her baby, (little Kristina) and with the help and support of her husband, Girl Tribe Gang was born.  They launched their first Tribe meet up in Ilkley, Yorkshire in May 2017.

At Girl Tribe Gang they know that working for yourself, or being in that place where you want to work for yourself, can be a pretty lonely place and they thought that if they could help to reduce even a tiny bit of that isolation you’re feeling, well then that’s going to have a positive effect on your overall health, emotional, mental well-being and success.

They are all about connecting you with like-minded women, empowering you, and helping you grow in confidence and knowledge, in a relaxed and informal way.

York’s Tribe is held at Hotel Du Vin from 7.30pm – 9.30pm every month on a Thursday.

E:  enquiries@girltribegang.co.uk
E:  natalie@girltribegang.co.uk York Tribe Boss
W:  www.girltribegang.co.uk

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