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Ros Jones Business Coaching

Ros Jones Business Coaching

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The last thing you think you need is a business coach.

  • You are brilliant at what you do.
  • Your business has been around for up to 30 years.
  • You work long hours and that’s the way it’s always been.

You work hard because you know that only 4% of business survive more than 10 years.

The three biggest challenges businesses like yours face are:

  • Every day it gets harder to find new customers
  • There are simply never enough hours in the day
  • Those disengaged employees that sabotage your business

Leading business coach, Ros Jones, helps entrepreneurs and business owners like you achieve their dreams. She deals in measurable results with a track record to prove it. Ros understands the challenges you’re facing and can provide the expertise, perspective and accountability you’ve been missing.

Many businesses in North Yorkshire love what Ros does. She’s helped entrepreneurs in all industries achieve amazing results.

The last thing they think they needed was a business coach so they chose Ros for a fresh perspective and sound advice based on solid, down to earth experience.

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Contact Scarborough’s leading business coach now for a free no obligation consultation

W: businesscoachingyorkshire.co.uk
T:  01723 384542 or 07818 646672
E: rosjones@actioncoach.com

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