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Andrea Morrison Coaching

Andrea Morrison card.inddAndrea Morrison Coaching

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Andrea is an experienced business coach who works with a wide range of organisations, entrepreneurs, freelancers and professional individuals, enabling them to tap into their infinite potential and capacity for life balance.

We’ve all had that time when we felt really in flow, like we were connected to a well of ideas and inspiration; a time when life and business felt easy and straightforward, a time when you saw solutions, opportunities, felt confident, creative and hopeful. However, with the wrong mindset life and business can be incredibly challenging and difficult; impacting not only your enjoyment & stress levels, you may even wonder at times why are doing what you are doing; but also your mindset impacts on your businesses performance, growth and productivity.

When we understand more about how our minds work, how we experience life, we can start to tap into that well of potential that we all have, creating unrivalled levels of personal performance and deeper, more impactful connections.

It’s like finding the crucial piece of our personal performance jigsaw.  More importantly and often overlooked it frees our mind to enable us to become more inspired, energised, empowered, engaged as well as an increasing our personal sense of wellbeing, confidence and resilience.

From high levels of stress to improving performance & effectiveness, from lack of focus to negative mindset, from feeling overwhelmed to wanting to take that next step; Andrea coaches a wide range of mindset symptoms to enable you free your mind and let go of these limitations to enable you to reach your potential in your working or business life.

For more information please visit my website andreamorrison.co.uk

Call me now and we can arrange a time to have an informal chat (completely free of charge).

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M: 07722 663559
E:  info@andreamorrison.co.uk
W: andreamorrison.co.uk



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