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Partner Testimonials

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Received from Richard Mansell, General Manager – September 2016

As part of a significant relaunch and repositioning program within the City of York, following a multi-million pound refurbishment project, we strategically partnered with  She Loves York to assist us in achieving a number of communication and marketing goals, as well as bringing our new local brands to new local customers. Tricia and the team have always shown a progressive, dynamic and engaging approach that has been instrumental in the success of re-establishing The Royal York with York.

Partnering with She Loves York has brought us dozens of new customers into the business on a monthly basis.

We would recommend She Loves York to all local businesses, without question

Savings with David Lloyd Leisure Club and She Loves York

Received  from Tom Livesey, Corporate Sales Team Manager – August 2016

We have had a flurry of She Loves York members taking advantage of the 14 day trial offer lately, and even as I wrote this email I had a phone call for another to start this afternoon, which is great!


Middletons Hotel, Received 23rd October 2014

I have worked with Tricia for a number of years and have found She Loves York to be a fantastic way of interacting with the public and other partners.
Trisha is always so enthusiastic and helpful when discussing new ideas to promote our business and services and is always happy to offer her support with any questions I may have.
Being a partner of She Loves York has had a fantastic effect on our business & continues to help build the awareness of our business within the local and wider community.

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The Lord Mayor of York – Cllr. Julie Gunnell, January 2014




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Lisa, Manager at Leia Lingerie, York 2014

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“The Fashion Show encouraged Members into store the following day.

We sold a jumpsuit, a dress and a pair of shoes that were featured in the show”

Laura, Manager at French Connection, York 2013

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warehouse logo small“Super opportunity to be in the fashion show….which encouraged Members to shop with us, resulting in successful sales of £480”

 Lindsay, Manager at Warehouse, York 2013

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Alice Burton, Manager at Hobbs, York 2012

I heard about She Loves York through a fellow retail manager not long after I had become manager during the early Summer of 2011.

She spoke very passionately about the positive impact She Loves York had had on her business and her plans for working with Tricia in the future. I found the concept fresh and exciting and I could already see opportunities to build my business. I began to have more questions, most pertinently though was, why would I want to offer a discount to people who could, based on the website’s profile customer, be a Hobbs shopper already?

Meeting Tricia was inspiring – she has a infectious positivity about her along with bundles of energy whilst always behaving professionally. She was honest when answering my questions and I certainly left that meeting with no doubt that this was someone, and something I wanted Hobbs to be involved with and indeed benefit from.

Like many retailers, I then had to convince my Area Manager, our Marketing Manager and finally our Retail Director that membership would be hugely beneficial to the York store in raising its profile, and most importantly, would see a financial return quickly!

Their concern, like mine, was that the members of She Loves York would already be Hobbs shoppers so why affect our margin?

But despite this concern, Hobbs became a partner of She Loves York in the Autumn of 2011 – if a little cautiously and quite honestly, to take advantage of the marketing opportunities and play down the discount.

Despite Tricia’s best efforts, we spent the first six months very quietly being a partner despite recouping our joining fee within a few months. We had seen a couple of cards come through our tills but nothing too significant. Tricia was keen for us to take full advantage of the website by actively helping to increase the membership by encouraging our customers to join – but we didn’t listen.

 At the start of 2012, I made a resolution to try things Tricia’s way – we became a loud and proud partner!

Needless to say, Tricia was right!!! We’ve had a phenomenal reaction since we turned up to the party. We’ve taken in excess of £10K solely from She Loves York related activities between January and May 2012. This success has come from taking a more active role with Tricia and with She Loves York events, utilising the website to promote our brand, selling the benefits of being a member to our own customers, and from our own enthusiasm in store.

Our concern about margin was put to rest when we quickly realised that our customers were now just buying more and spending more regularly with us, and all because of that little pink and black card. Many of our best customers are now proud members of She Loves York and thanking us for introducing them to it whilst they enjoy all the other benefits too as well as experiencing 10% off their favourite brand every time they visit us.

At Hobbs, we consider ourselves a lifestyle brand, able to dress our ladies from top to toe for any day of their week, whatever they may have in their diary, and She Loves York means that they can continue to compliment their lifestyle with cocktails at the Living Room or a curry at the Indian Lounge etc all with terrific offers.

All my team at Hobbs York use their own cards regularly and so can speak with experience and continue to offer the excellent customer service we’re renowned for, beyond our own front door – how fabulous.

So, thank you Tricia, you have done exactly as you promised, I only wish we hadn’t been so cautious in the beginning.

We look forward to a long and lucrative future with Tricia and She Loves York.

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Joanna Keely Flowers

Stand at Hotel du Vin Fashion Show, September 2013

For me the fashion show proved to be an excellent opportunity for people who were there to find out about my business.  Since then I have had new people come to my workshops and book again for future workshops.

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Email received 14/4/13

From: Ally Wells – Manager of Laura Mercier – Fenwick

Subject: Kenzi evening

 Hi Tricia

 Hope you are well

 Thank you so much for inviting Laura Mercier to the Kenzi event we had a great time.

Just wanted to let you know that so far we have take over £400 in sales from Ladies who attended the event and than popped in to see us on counter : )

I think this is a fantastic success and really look forward to working with you again.

Thanks again for inviting us and can you please pass on our thanks to Kevin

I will be in touch next week as we have some on-counter events in May that I am sure the “She Loves York” ladies would be interested in.

See you soon



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Coast, Received 13/07/11

Coast joined partnership with She Loves York at the start of 2011, offering our members exclusive discounts. We were sold a fantastic package of advertisement on the She Loves York website to promote our brand within the York area, with Brand logo, collection images and catchy and exciting newsletters sent to members on a regular basis.

We want to reach customers who like to be treated with exclusivity and enjoy a premium experience which is why we joined She Loves York as it suits our brand perfect.

Since joining we have formed a fantastic relationship with Tricia, founder of She Loves York. Tricia is very proactive with partners to increase offers and awareness to our members and customers, always providing something extra special. We have created successful events, purely on Tricia’s passion and drive, involving other partners within the Coast store to bring a sense of She Loves York to the high street. It gave a our team a great boost working together, providing our ladies with luxury collections within the Coast environment along with Secrets of the stylist top tips, yummy Eat Me Cupcakes, professional Beauty Advice and stunning bouquets from Wards the florist, what more could a woman ask for!!

Tricia keeps in contact regularly to offer on hand advice on driving events and revenue for our business, making sure York always having something to offer and as a retailer, connecting us with other partners so we can achieve our aims together.

We have some really amazing events and exhibitions planned, both fun for staff and customers, we are very much looking forward to the outcome and confidently continue to grow and develop our partnership with Tricia and She Loves York.

Tricia thank you for a great membership that brings together our ladies and business partners who all love what we do and want to achieve it together.

Best wishes

Cecilia and the Coast girls

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