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Wall Nuts Creative Murals

Wall Nuts Creative Murals

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The team at Wall Nuts Murals love to create wall murals that really let you be you. From businesses wanting to showcase their originality and shout about who they are, to interior home décor that makes a stylish statement. The talented team creates designs that truly capture their client’s personality or brand.

With over 40 year’s experience in illustration, design and branding, their team of designers, illustrators and fine artists share a real passion and dedication for bringing walls to life.

Offering a bespoke service, the team takes the time to get to know every customer, enabling them to ultimately create a wall mural that is completely personal and unique.


A wall mural is the perfect addition to any space, adding character to your workplace and sharing your identity with both your staff and your customers. Whether you want to liven up your meeting room, create a memorable welcome area, set a particular ambience in a room, inspire or educate, the team at Wall Nuts will create a stunning mural to help you to share your brand and shout about your business.


Wall Nuts will create something unique for you and your home. Using a range of illustrative techniques, their murals truly reflect your style and personality; becoming the perfect feature wall to bring any room to life. From a baby’s nursery right through to a chic signature wall, they’re always on-hand to offer inspiration and creative flair.

Contact Details:

Tel: 07463 889 337
E: hello@wall-nuts.co.uk
W: www.wall-nuts.co.uk

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