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According to McGee,

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According to McGee: York’s contemporary Art Gallery.

For 10 years we have showcased internationally established artists, and selected new artists from graduate shows around the UK, including Goldsmiths and Glasgow School of Art. We have helped bring these artists exposure to northern audiences, and take great pride in our city centre location, opposite York’s second most recognizable landmark, Clifford’s Tower.

You are very welcome to come over and enjoy what’s on offer. You may want to simply peruse a beautiful, contemporary exhibition; you may want to begin an art collection, or augment it; you may want to invest in work that comes from our selected wave of collectible artists. Either way, we’d love to see you here. With 10 year’s worth of experience, we can help guide you through your preferences and, if you wanted to see a piece in situ, we’d be delighted to bring to your home a selection of artwork.

All items are available for purchase; with the Own Art scheme, you can break payment down into monthly instalments.


Contact Details

Opposite Clifford’s Tower
8 Tower Street
T: 01904 671709
E: info@accordingtomcgee.com
W: www.accordingtomcgee.com


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