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Laura Walker Cabi Stylist

Laura Walker Cabi Stylist

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At Cabi, they believe shopping shouldn’t be a chore, and you should love everything you buy. Their trained Stylists and unique Fashion Experience will put the fun back in shopping, and women everywhere are loving it!

Enjoy a little girl time while a trained Stylist presents an unedited designer Collection to you and your friends in the comfort of your home.

Get personalised style tips to mix and match Cabi’s designer Collection to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Plus, every Cabi Stylist is a trained fit expert!

Cabi was created through the belief that when we’re in relationship with each other, we’re better—whether doing life together, simply by helping each other explore our personal style. And that’s precisely why Cabi is a better way to shop! It was crafted to meet women in their sweet spot…defying the rules of traditional shopping.

And you’re invited—because they believe true style is discovered when we’re connected.

In 2001 clothing designer Carol Anderson began wondering if there was a way to better serve women by giving them the focus, help, and guidance they desired. She had a devoted following of women across America, and thought if she could just circumvent the shop process, by providing full, unedited collections directly to the women she designed for, shopping would forever be changed.

At the same time, management consultant Kimberly Inskeep had the realisation that there was a growing need to help women fulfill their desires for a more flexible career amidst the growing demands of life. As Carol and Kimberly talked about how women needed a better way to shop.  The Cabi Fashion Experience was born by bringing a uniquely styled clothing line to a home setting, women received an opportunity to hear about the hottest trends, and discover their true style in the company of close friends.  Trained Cabi Stylists transform that looming question of “What do I wear?” into an occasion to enter one’s wardrobe with a sense of boldness, confidence, and even fun. Customers build functional wardrobes that are so completely “them,” while at the same time, supporting a woman as she builds a substantial career – win win!

From 12 founding women to thousands of Cabi Stylists today, it’s official: their women have changed the retail game. They have come together for a common purpose: developing a culture centered on women helping women—serving rather than selling, collaborating rather than competing, and transforming not transacting.

Get designer clothes at 50% off (and more!) and say goodbye to the stress and frustration of shopping at traditional shops.

Laura Jayne Walker

T:  07970882757
E:  laura_jayne_walker@yahoo.co.uk
W: www.laurawalker.cabionline.uk



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