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Magnetix Wellness

Magnetix Wellness

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Magnetix Wellness Bunney offers a huge range of stunning jewellery combined with the powerful effect of magnetic therapy. As shown in nature, the power of magnets affects our daily lives. It’s how migratory birds and whales orientate themselves using the magnetic flows of the earth.

The power of magnets activate the metabolism and promote the body’s natural, physical functions, helping to manage and alleviate mild to chronic pain.

Many different symptoms that affect the body, such as insomnia, arthritis, sports injuries, migraines, menstrual pain, mood swings and general tiredness, can be dramatically improved. Wearing Magnetix Wellness jewellery and accessories stimulates the supply of nutrients to all the major organs and gives the body a natural boost.

Over the years the whole Magnetix Wellness collection has developed its own unmistakable ‘signature’, found in every piece of jewellery and in every wellness accessory – masterly designs and meticulous production. Whether classically elegant, trendy or modern, our range of magnetic jewellery is so varied that everyone will find a new favourite piece – men, women and children of all ages and animals!

We are passionate about helping people to look and feel their best. That’s why we offer our customers and visitors wonderful Wellbeing tips too.

Take a holistic approach to improving your day to day life with Magnetix Wellness Bunney.

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Kate Bunney
M: 07711 691269
E: magnetixwellnessbunney@gmail.com
W: www.magnetixwellnessbunney.com


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