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Jane-Ann Bespoke Millinery

Jane-Ann Bespoke MillineryJane-Ann Bespoke Millinery

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Jane-Ann Bespoke Millinery offers a personal service in creating individual, unique pieces of headwear for any occasion. Be it a trip to the races, that all-important wedding, a christening, cocktail party or informal daywear, each and every piece is unique and is handmade using traditional millinery skills of blocking, wiring and decorating. Hand-made in Yorkshire, you will have a unique piece of headwear that will complement your special day’s outfit created especially for you knowing that every piece is individually made and no two are ever the same.

Jane-Ann Bespoke Millinery specialises in personal service ensuring that you will enjoy the experience from first chat to final collection and that special feeling of looking your best when it matters.

Give Jane-Ann a call and start that experience now.

Contact Details

Tel: 07860 122722
Email: jane@jane-ann.com
Web: www.jane-ann.com

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