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According to McGee,

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Art Camp

Art Camp is a week long series of activities looking at pretty much arty activity you can poke a stick at. For those who are 10 years of age and above, we are now dovetailing the activities with Arts Awards. Nationally recognised qualifications, Arts Awards are delivered with energy in a relaxed environment. The young artists will learn how to draw and paint a wide number of subject matters in a wide variety of mediums.

At the end of it is a sketchbook, a portfolio, a canvas masterpiece, and an Arts Award at either Bronze or Silver. An Arts Award is an achievement that looks great on the CV and is a nationally recognised qualification, equating to a percentage of a GCSE.

Later we’ll have an exhibition here at According to McGee to celebrate the young artists’ work – friends and family invited.

Bespoke Tuition

According to McGee, everyone has the building blocks of art. It takes the kind of private or group tuition we offer to develop them into skills that will not only easily deliver the criteria demanded at any level in school, but also endow the student with a lifelong instinct for art, whether it’s creating it or observing it.

We meet the curriculum requirements, whether it is Key Stage 3, GCSE or A-Level; we carry through rigorously planned bespoke schemes of work, whether it’s for nationally recognised Arts Awards or portfolio preparation for pre-university students. But we take great pride in going way further than that. Art is not just something we harness to gain successfully high grades: it’s something we celebrate and inculcate a passion which lasts well beyond the successful achievement of the best possible grades. The lessons are held in a contemporary art gallery and by a Qualified Teacher.

Contact Details

Opposite Clifford’s Tower
8 Tower Street
T: 01904 671709
E: info@accordingtomcgee.com
W: www.accordingtomcgee.com

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